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  Episil Technology Inc. was formerly one of the reinvestment companies of Episil Holdings Inc. Episil Holdings Inc. mainly reinvested in Episil Precision Inc. and Episil Technology Inc. In order to concentrate on manufacturing business, Episil Holdings Inc. and Episil Technology Inc. completed the merger on September 1st, 2021. After the merger, the company name is Episil Technology Inc., and continues to hold the important reinvestment company -- Episil Precision Inc.

  Episil Technologies Inc. was established in 1985 in Hsinchu Science Park. Episil was the world's first Linear Bipolar IC professional foundry, as well as the first professional to provide the foundry service of compound semiconductor devices for both for GaN and SiC. At present, Episil has one 4/5-inch and two 6-inch wafer fabs, to facilitate the most marketable small-size wafer foundry.

  In order to focus on the foundry services of niche power semiconductors, at the same time to expand the portfolio into energy-saving, new energy vehicles and other related industries, Episil Technology is facilitated with diversified and broad, multiple wafer process in addition to MOSFET, IGBT and FRED power discretes and high-power/high-voltage CMOS process. Combined with Bipolar, CMOS and DMOS devices to enable high voltage, high current and other advantages, Episil can propose a suitable process for power IC as well. Simultaneously, Episil Technology is developing compound semiconductor technology in full speed to speed up the grasp of industrial trends. Mainly, Episil Technology promotes the niche silicon power semiconductors, Galium Nitride (GaN) and Silicon Carbide (SiC) epi and devices foundryt as our major operating model.

  We have fully confidence that with persistent research and development, quality improvement and quality service we can provide the best value and benefits for our customers, investors and employees.


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