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Bipolar Process


With our extensive development and manufacturing experience in Bipolar field, Episil is continuously developing a new series of processes to satisfy the diverse demands of customers.

“A” series, 5μm BJT processes, are categorized by transistor breakdown voltage (BVCEO). Besides its basic BJT functions, Episil also offers customers several option layers, (e.g., implant resistor, capacitor and deep p+) for special requirements.

“C” series, 1.5μm BJT processes, are developed to minimize the device size by utilizing 1.5μm design rule and double buried layers. The cutoff frequency of NPN transistor made by this process can reach 2.5GHz, and an ultra flat zone of Hfe for Ic=1nA to 1mA is also achieved. These processes are widely used in power management (Linear and Switching Mode), motor control, optical sensor, low dropout (LDO) and Hall sensor, etc.


 Process List



A010, A020, A020B, A030, A040, A040B


C005, C012, C012B, C020, C025, C025B, C030


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