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  Trench Isolation


The trench isolation process have the advantage of reducing chip area, lower capacitance characteristic, and reducing lateral current leakage. It could provide the flexibility of chip design if designer would like to combines other optional process (for example: BJT base TVS, Diode base TVS, etc.). 

The deep trench isolation (DTI) process and shallow trench isolation (STI) process, both are available in Episil. The trench depth is from 1um (minimum depth of STI process) to 22um (maximum depth of DTI process).


  Special Resistivity/Structure Epi Layer


    Through deep cooperation with Episil-Precision, Episil can offer special resistivity   Epitaxy layers which can be embedded to normal TVS process. Such special process can provide the design flexibility for low capacitance, low Ron applications.


  Ultra Deep Well  


Ultra deep well (>10um) optional process also was available in Episil, customer can chose such optional process for special inquiry from different approach.



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