If you receive our interview notice, this means your backgrounds have won our preliminary approval. We believe that the following tips can help you further present yourself to us. By well presenting yourself to Episil Technologies, you will be able to start a wonderful career at Episil Technologies. We wish you all the best!

  1. Confirm interview information: Before the interview, please double-check if you have received the interview notice. Before attending the interview, please complete the attached personal data sheet and take it with you to the interview.
  2. Confirm interview location: Before the interview, please double-check the plant site where the interview is held. If you are not sure how to get there, please refer to the information of how to get to Episil Technologies. You are advised to get more time to find the parking space. Then you will not be in a rush before the interview.
  3. Bring related documents: Bring your academic transcripts, research papers, professional licenses, and any other documents that may increase your credits at the interview.
  4. If you cannot join the interview, please notice HR contact person by mail or phone in advance, which can leave a good impression for yourself.
  5. Interview process:
    • The whole interview will take about 2-3 hours (including the interview and a written examination). Please reserve adequate time.

    • The second interview and result inquiry: After the first interview, we will inform you of the result by e-mail or phone in about two weeks. Please wait patiently. If you do not receive anything from us by then, feel free to inquire with the contact window directly.
  6. Interview-related questions: Please call our recruitment window and tell us the vacancy you have applied for, the interview date and time, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.
  7. If necessary, please take the initiative to contact the HR recruiter to see if there is enough parking space.
  8. Please arrive earlier just in case there is no parking space at Episil Technologies. You can find parking space around Episil Technologies. Do not park on the yellow or red line area lest your car should be towed away.
  9. With a cheerful mood and a confident attitude, you may present yourself to the utmost.

~ Thank you for reading the above-mentioned information and we wish you good luck at the interview ~