EPISIL values cooperation with suppliers and aims to establish a stable semiconductor supply chain. Assist suppliers in risk assessment, improvement and management. Chemical substances supplied as raw materials must comply with legal regulations. Through a rigorous contractor management process, we diligently oversee contractors to ensure compliance with safety, health, and environmental regulations, while also ensuring the safety of personnel and preventing property damage. We do concern for the labor rights of our suppliers, such as: Requests our suppliers to comply with restrictions on using mineral resources from conflict areas.

EPISIL requires relevant suppliers and their supply chains to disclose the list of smelters and mines they collaborate with. We actively encourage suppliers and their supply chains to procure from conflict-free smelters and mines. Additionally, we request suppliers to actively urge smelters and mines that have not obtained this accreditation to undergo inspection under the 'Conflict-Free Smelter Program' or equivalent independent third-party audit programs.
We will continue to strive towards achieving the goal of complying with the 'conflict-free' principle in the use of tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn), gold (Au), tungsten (W), and cobalt (Co). We will periodically update our annual supplier assessments, requesting them to enhance and expand the scope of information disclosure to meet regulatory and customer requirements. The term "conflict-free" raw materials refers to materials that originate from smelters recognized by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative or equivalent organizations, or are determined to be "not sourced from conflict-affected areas in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo)" after reasonable verification and due diligence in accordance with relevant regulations.

EPISIL commits to ethical business conduct. In order to ensure that our supply chain adheres to ethical standards, The Company has established a Code of Ethics for its employees and requires suppliers to adhere to this code, while also complying with the legal regulations of their respective operating locations.

EPISIL is actively promoting the global environmental conservation initiative known as the 'Green Supply Chain.' We view green procurement as a pivotal component in establishing a green supply chain and collaborate with our suppliers to collectively implement sustainability measures, contributing our part to environmental sustainability.