Salary and Incentives
  • Annual profit sharing and employee stock options.
  • Bonuses on three annual holidays (Dragon Boat festival in June, Mid-Autumn festival in September, and Chinese New Year)
  • Other potential bonuses including childbirth, efficiency, incentives, etc.
  • Award program for employee suggestions, such as innovation proposal, patent application, QCC activities etc.
  • Annual commendations for outstanding and senior staff.
Diverse Benefits and Employee Care
  • Special gifts for annual festivals, marriage, childbirth, birthday etc.
  • New employees can have four-day annual leave after reporting for duty.
  • Free lunch provided during one’s work shift in the in-house restaurant
  • Employee dormitories, rent allowance, dedicated commuter buses
  • Nursery room, library, canteen
  • Diverse clubs with operation allowance provided.
  • Plenty welfare activities provided by the employee Welfare Committee
  • Departmental banquet, family day activity, year-end party and employee communication activities
  • Authorized stores discount
Health and Insurance
  • On-site medical clinic with professional nurses, which holds health lectures and theme activities
  • Regular on-site consult with professional doctors
  • Aerobics classroom with regular classes held, such as yoga.
  • Free health check-ups for new recruits and regular one for employees
  • Enjoy complete group and family dependents self-pay insurance
  • Business travel insurance and regular on-site service by the insurance company
Other Employee Assistance Programs
  • Diverse communication channels
  • Dedicated hotline for employee issues
  • Employee counseling and referral is provided
  • At Episil Technologies, people are our foundation and so we take care of our employees in all facets of life.
Pension program
  • In order to stabilize the life of colleagues after retirement, and thanks them for professional services, starting from July 1, 1994, for new employees and existing employees who choose to apply the new pension regulations, pay 6% of their monthly salary to the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis. Personal pension account.
  • For the original employees who choose to apply the old pension method and the old employees who choose to apply the new pension method, the old system retains their seniority, and the appropriate retirement reserve is calculated and transferred to the special bank of Taiwan account according to the retirement pension payment standard of the original employee.
  • Colleagues who are assigned by the organization and transferred to the affiliated company will have their seniority renewed to provide more protection to the colleagues in order to achieve the purpose of the group's talent circulation.